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they/them | b. 1997 Hamburg, Germany | based in Margate

German artist Zoe De Caluwé's diverse practice encompasses sculpture, painting, and found objects. They unite these different genres through a craft-based approach to their creative process. Informed by memory and emotion, they create consciously flawed and playful pieces that delve into themes of identity and anxiety, evoking a deep sense of melancholy.

When De Caluwé immigrated to the UK in their teens they learned English through informal conversation. In their artistic practice, akin to their experience of language, informal processes seamlessly intertwine with their unique vernacular, becoming integral to the essence of their work. While having an academically informed understanding of art history, their practice is rooted in experimentation rather than formal training.

De Caluwé undertook their Art History masters at Oxford University in 2022 and is now based in Margate. They have previously exhibited with Gallery at Home, House of Mabel, and The Lido Stores.

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