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b. 1998, Taiwan | based in London

The current age as a rapid transformation stuffed with happy yet unpleasant debris, it is contrary to an ideal decentralised world of freedom and democracy. The world of relentless eager for power and control inflicts tensions and conflicts. In this context, my works intend to evoke our collective dependence on time and investigate the essence of space in the aspect of its emptiness and sublime.

Over-rigid strategy deprives improvisation of space. Inspired by constructivism and brutalism in terms of structural assemblage and absence of flexibility, I attempt to criticise the power of autocracy and its aftermaths. Through a contemplative deconstruction of interdependence between binaries, my practice proceeds from an objective understanding of imperfect social and political condition as a continuous understanding of the realm.

Merely monopoly of power subject to the dominance of time, my works attempt to weaken power of the civilised world by invoking on our intrinsic dependence on time. I am interested in the geological aspect of our simultaneous rotation of the planet, and also in the non-physical aspect of imaging sublime space beyond our understanding of time. I envision an optimistic harmony through timeless digital work as a threshold of transcending the confine of linear time.

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