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she/her | b. 1988, Utrecht | based in London & Rotterdam

Wammes wishes to slow down time, replacing minutes and seconds with the hands of memories, like the warmth of the sun on her skin or how she sat in church hearing the sounds of the organ play as a child. With a background in theatre and music, she naturally pursued a slower, more independent energy in sculpture. She has continued to channel this creating clusters of sculptures often installed together, taking from natural forms like trees nestling together.

Her hands and intuition guide her practice, using materials like clay and metal, wax and sound she approaches the cultural space as a sanctuary, where everyone and everything, organic or artificial, living or dead is honoured equally. Her sculptures become channels of her memories, hopes and fears that marque a moment. Encapsulated in time and with open organic arms she wants to extend this out to her audience.

Wammes is a recipient of the Gilbert Bayes Award, selected for New Contemporaries 2022 and has shown her works in a.o. Saatchi Gallery, Showroom MAMA and Het HEM. She obtained her Master in Fine Arts at Chelsea college of Arts (UAL) in London and holds a BA in performance (Toneelacademie Maastricht), Wammes works in London and Rotterdam.

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