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she/her | b. 2000, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Sheppard’s work focuses on theories of New Materialism and Post Human pedagogy. She explores the intra-actions of human, non-human and non-material matter. Her work is in a constant state of change and has its own material agency, recognising that the relationship she has with it is entangled.

Concerns of the environment are an inherent part of Sheppard’s practice, in which she uses the processes of plant dying and Eco-printing as well as and recently exploring properties of bio- composite materials such as hempcrete. Sheppard is conscious of reaching a more sustainable artistic practice. Crucial to this investigation is exploring the role of Culture-Nature Dualism in western society and the role of the naturalised other.

As a multimedia practitioner she explores her place within the world, ultimately, she challenges human sensory reception in a playful and exciting way. This can be understood by herself in the process of making as well as being explored by the audience; focusing on touch, the olfactory system and visually challenging our understanding of everyday objects.

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