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they/them | b. Athens, Greece | Based in London and Athens

In Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou’s art practice, they create uncomforting spaces of threat and disconnection, crafting multi-material, multi-media installations that demand active participation from viewers. Drawing inspiration from brutalist and defensive architecture, such as barricades, protective talismans, and thresholds, they merge these influences with digital and religious motifs to convey a sense of Otherness and disconnection.

Most recently, they've introduced performance elements, utilising movements that mirror the muscular aesthetics of their sculptures while alluding to the digital software-based processes of generating mass. They engage the senses by incorporating elements like scents, soundscapes, and edible materials, creating a fusion that conveys ideas of transformation, invasion, ongoing processes, subtle shifts, and alterations.

Dimitrakopoulou’s research explores how audiences interact with intricate systems that operate unpredictably, transcending human comprehension. They're intrigued by the transformation of familiar settings and everyday objects into eerie, unfamiliar manifestations, prompting viewers to question how to navigate the unfamiliar, a process that can be disorienting and empowering.

They've particularly focused on creating "smell-scapes" to explore the complex relationships between the human body and the sublime Other, as well as our connection to nature. Smell, in conjunction with sound, possesses an unapologetic quality; it doesn't seek permission. Both the tangible and the intangible are transformed into solid, tangible forms, merging with the viewer's body, giving abstract "information" and "codes" a newfound materiality.

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