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they/he | b. 1998 Edinburgh | based in London

El(ena) Hoskyns-Abrahall is a non-binary artist, their practice spans a wide variety of ideas and methods however they work predominantly in sculpture and performance, looking at themes relating to Gender, Identity Politics and Queer Theory. A narrative undercurrent often runs through their work, which they use as a framework for exploring a greater message or school of thought. Story-telling through performance and objects is key to Hoskyns-Abrahall‘s practice.

Looking at the world through the lens of abjection, Hoskyns-Abrahall uses this as tool for exploring their human experience. Whether it be through objects or performance, the bodily and the repulsive become excellent tools for exploring the dysphoric nature of the human condition.

El(ena) Hoskyns-Abrahall is represented by CB-Art Group.

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