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they/them | b. 1997, Devon | based in London

Candice Dehnavi’s sculptural practice explores the distance of cultural familiarity: the other within and the given body through recreated memories. Memories of an Iranian-English upbringing find themselves exaggerated through dreamlike imagery that communicates hazily remembered experiences and stories.

Their work samples disparate elements from a personal history of detachment, and through the lens of absurdity, presents a comically exaggerated visual space into which one can insert their own narrative meaning. It transverses the dreamlike nature of formative experiential recollection to a physical world of representation.

Each piece could exist in isolation, but there’s a thematic linearity that runs throughout; their wider practice is an act of cohesive world building. It often assumes a childlike demeanour, using comedy and play to hide deeper issues: intersectional identity politics, cultural estrangement, gender identity and the reflective doubt of self-image.

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