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she/her | b. 1996 London | based in London

With sympathy toward superstition, storytelling, and folk practices, Comer’s practice explores the potential of objects to enchant.

Figurative sculptures materialize as crooked, rickety forms of street furniture, domestic architecture, and garden flowers. Cobbled together with wood, wire, cardboard, plaster, and paper, they are visibly handmade versions of objects ordinarily mass-produced or naturally found. Their verrucose surface encased in resin and varnished to a seductive gloss; black silhouettes are made reflective and plant matter is crystallised as the sculptures aspire to bewitch you. A series of objects that exist in an imagined elsewhere.

The work is rooted in fantasies of folk and literary imagination as well as personal and collective superstitions; the sculptures seek to enact such beliefs. Establishing a landscape in which fantasy is celebrated and given space to function.

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